Bye Bye Javaworld: Old content staying online


News: Bye Bye Javaworld: Old content staying online

  1. Bye Bye Javaworld: Old content staying online (15 messages)

    Javaworld has stopped putting new content up on their as of January 2nd 2004. The site is still up and running, allowing us to get to their archive of great Java content. Hopefully someone will swoop in and save this content for good. It is a shame to see this great resource go away.


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  2. Too bad. That was about the one Java web site I actually considered paying for. They sent out a notice that they were going to change their model to be subscription-based similar to newspapers where you need to be a subscriber in order to retrieve old content, however they never implemented it and went back to their old model. Guess their advertising strategy didn't work.

    As the poster mentioned, this site has *great* content and seems to have been around forever. It's the sort of resource where you can simply run a search, and several articles will show up with exactly what you are looking for.
  3. *Really* bad news, this was always #1 resource to me.
  4. Guys

    I am sure like Javaworld is closing operations because of financial crisis, I prefere TSS should take up this website and continue. If Javaworld is closed we are losing the best resource on Java. We should support community.

    Cheers and Anticipating acquiring Javaworld by someone to carry on the operations.

    Srinivas Ivaturi
  5. This really sucks.

    I published an article with them in 2001. Lots of hard work, but I'm glad I did it. It was also the first time I've been published so it was exciting to have the opportunity.

    Kind of like the end of an era.

    Soooo long Javaworld. You'll be missed.
  6. request to TSS[ Go to top ]

    Hi TSS ,

    Could you guys swoop Java World and make the content available on your web site.

    It would be a good Knowledge base to keep.
  7. Bye Bye Javaworld: Old content staying online[ Go to top ]

    some one got to save. TSS, Sun's, jugu, javaranch..may be one of them or all collectively can do can also sell CD's with all articles archived.
  8. Save Javaworld content[ Go to top ]

    Yes, CDs with the contents would be good,
  9. Save Javaworld content[ Go to top ]

    Yeah now theres an idea, I'd definitely pay for that myself. I find Suns and JGuru less than inviting. Especially JGuru, I'm very disappointed the way that went.
  10. Great site and a great fan of the site.But the reality really sucks. I liked the CD idea. If they can do it, it will be really great.

  11. Bad news....
    I have learned a lot of tips and information from this web site.
    One of these site that have supported the Java evolution and evangelistation.
  12. No official announcement?[ Go to top ]

    I couldn't find any official announcement of this. Can anyone point me to Javaworld's own take on events leading up to this?
  13. JavaWorld shutdown[ Go to top ]

    I wrote an article for Java World last August ("Fast math with JNI"). Carolyn Wong (the editor) sent me an email a couple of months ago saying they were going out of business.

    There has been a real shake out (and some consolidation) these past couple of years in the technical magazine industry. A couple of Java magazines have gone under, and others are no longer paying for articles (for example, Java Developer's Journal no longer pays writers). I think this is a reflection of the sorry state of our industry and the economy in general.

    Java World and Carolyn Wong were a pleasure to deal with and it is sad to see them out of business.
  14. What was great about JavaWorld?[ Go to top ]

    I agree with everyone, and I loved the articles. What were the best parts that everyone liked about javaworld?
  15. So long JavaWorld :([ Go to top ]

    I will miss JavaWorld so much. It is *THE* online magazine that I keep going to over and over again for information, tips, or simply a way of keeping abreast with the latest development in Java technology. I started writing articles for JavaWorld in 2001 (Preferences and later XML Security), and the editors have always been a pleasure to work with--Scott Plamondon, Jennifer Orr, and of course, Carolyn Wong.

    I also got a message from Carolyn about how things were going to change, sometime in November 2003 I think. There were still new articles coming out in December, so I was hoping that they actually had managed to overcome whatever problems they were facing... Turned out that it was shutting down after all :(

    So long, JavaWorld, we're all gonna miss you. Kudos for all the good work, all these years!

    Ray Djajadinata
    P.S.: Now where should I point my default homepage to? Any ideas?
  16. So long JavaWorld :([ Go to top ]

    P.S.: Now where should I point my default homepage to? Any ideas?

    Maybe ;-)