Jakarta Releases POI 2.0 Final


News: Jakarta Releases POI 2.0 Final

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    The POI Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Jakarta POI 2.0-FINAL release.

    The POI project consists of APIs for manipulating various file formats based upon Microsoft's OLE 2 Compound Document format using pure Java.

    Support for reading and writing Microsoft Excel files and property information is mature and work continues on reading and writing the MS Word format.

    Read the POI 2.0 Final Announcement

    Visit the POI website

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  2. Thanks a lot![ Go to top ]

    Our project uses POI APIs for Excel Spreadsheets manipulation and it works greas in production.

    Thank you, POI Team!!!
  3. Lucene and POI?[ Go to top ]

    Out of curiosity and on a related note, is there any integration between Lucene and POI to allow for better indexing and searching of MS documents? Does anybody know of work in this area?

  4. Lucene and POI?[ Go to top ]

    I developed a little plug-in for Liferay Enterprise Portal (open-source) that integrate Lucene and POI for Excel and Word Document.
  5. Lucene and POI?[ Go to top ]

    Is that bundled with Liferay, or maintained on some other location?
  6. placing graphics in cells[ Go to top ]

    Thanks for POI. We use HSSF in one of apps. I'm hoping that 2.0 solves some memory problems that we've experienced in 1.5.

    Is there any plan to provide a way to place graphics (jpeg, bitmap or ??) in a cell?
  7. Yes[ Go to top ]

    Very shortly, any day now it will be committed.
  8. thank you
  9. That was the release candidate[ Go to top ]

    That was the release candidate however the final has already been released
  10. release candidate[ Go to top ]

    It means it is the second version that they have been ready to say
    can be used by the public with a very very low likelyhood of show
    stopper bugs or security problems.
  11. Hi All,

    I Just wanted to know what are the problems the team is facing for parsing the Fast-Saved WordDocuments to Text

  12. Hello, I am currently using POI and JExcel API for processing excel files with almost than 2K records with 100 columns each. One process is using POI and another is using JExcel API. With 2K records every thing were fine and things were running smooth. But now the requirement has changed and we require an enhancement in our processes to work with almost 50K records. What i have found, both APIs (POI & JExcel) get failed to process even 10K records and give "out of memory error". I have checked it using JProfiler, when we load file of 8K using POI or JExcel, heap size jumped up to 70 MB and ultimately give Out of Memory Error and process terminate. I think, both POI and JExcel load complete file in memory which causes Out of memory error. Can any body give me suggestions how to over come this issue??? Is there any option in JExcel or POI to load file in chunks in memory?? How can i process 50K records file using any of the API??? Waiting for your valuable suggestions "Ejaz"
  13. you can increase the Java memory Options java -server -Xmn100M -Xms500M -Xmx500M ~NC
  14. OutOfMemory[ Go to top ]

    You cannot possibly indefinitely increase memory size with JVM options?! Answer is in being able to update individual worksheets, without having to create them and append every possible row you have in your dataset. We currently are faced with having to export millions of rows, and there is no way it can be done, with current jExcel/POI architecture, hence we resort to CSV.
  15. To Extract data from a chart in excel[ Go to top ]

    Hi, I need to extract the data from multiple chart in excel. Please provide some sample code for the same
  16. Excellent Job[ Go to top ]

    I have been using POI 1.5 for sometime. It is a great API for creating/reading MS Excel documents. It adds a lot of values especially when you have appliaction running on Unix box. No more limitations, with POI API, you can create or read Excel docs on UNIX environment; :-)

    There used to be some limitations on the size of Excel document that POI can read. I hope this is not an issue with version 2.0. I will definitely try out.

  17. Jakarta Releases POI 2.0 Final[ Go to top ]

    I just want to add my support for POI, I used it recently in a bank for stripping text out of a Word document for matching and reconcilition. This is definately going to be one of the most usefull Apache packages for those of us forced to use propriatory document formats from Microsoft.

  18. Any documentation/tutorial[ Go to top ]

    Apache groups is awesome and thanks for giving the best products all the time.
    I was wondering if anyone knows the documentation and a small tutorial for me to start using it, Going thru the java docs will be a hell of a task i guess.
  19. Any documentation/tutorial[ Go to top ]

    There is a user guide that will help you to start. Below is the URL:

    > Apache groups is awesome and thanks for giving the best products all the time.
    > I was wondering if anyone knows the documentation and a small tutorial for me to start using it, Going thru the java docs will be a hell of a task i guess.
  20. Jakarta Releases POI 2.0 Final[ Go to top ]

    Excel related part of POI works fine. And what is a current
    status for MS Word? What can we do right now with MS Word
    and what are the nearest plans?

    Dmitry Namiot
  21. Jakarta Releases POI 2.0 Final[ Go to top ]

    Ryan's still busy working on it. It's a big job and I'm sure he could use some help or if someone want's to sponser the work it could get done a lot faster.


    Glen Stampoultzis
  22. Great Tool[ Go to top ]

    I have been using POI for around 1.5 years for inserting values from excel to
    oracle db and my Client is greatly impressed with the output.
    Great work POI team,You guys are really rocking...
  23. Great Tool[ Go to top ]

    We use POI in our project at the census
    http://factfinder.census.gov/home/saff/main.html?_lang=en to enable the public to download census data. We have millions of download for excel data and POI has worked great. Thanks POI team for a great product.
  24. Wow[ Go to top ]

    The census! I'd really love if you wrote a case study for our website! (http://jakarta.apache.org/poi/casestudies.html)

    Aside from the census, I know POI is used in some of the worlds largest (and smallest) banks, investment firms, etc.
  25. jExcelAPI vs HSSF[ Go to top ]

    In my project, HSSF has his Macros limition while jExcelAPI solves it.And also it has some advantage in Excel chart. So what's the plan about POI's HSSF?

    you can access jExcelAPI via: http://www.andykhan.com/jexcelapi/index.html
  26. Both jExcelAPI and HSSF handle macros and charts the same way.

    If you have an original with charts or macros, the charts and macros get copied without any modification. You have to create the macro or chart with an actual copy of Excel, but then you can use either jExcel or HSSF to populate the data.

    I wonder what 'his Macros limitation' is? and how is jExcelAPI support for charts any better than HSSF?
  27. Charts with HSSF[ Go to top ]


    I was wondering if you have worked with spreadsheets which have charts in them?

    I am simply trying to read a spreadsheet with chart and write to another file. The new file ends up being in invalid format (Excel cannot read it). The copy routine works fine if the spreadsheet does not contain charts.

    Any info will be helpful

    rramakri at db dot com
  28. Superscripts with HSSF[ Go to top ]

    Does anyone know if its possible to superscript/subscript a part of the cell with HSSF?

    Input will be highly appreciated
  29. Superscripts with HSSF[ Go to top ]

    Please I am also in big need of using subscript / superscript in CellValue.
    I am building report export with hssf and there are lots of subscripts but i just can't figure it out how to write them in setCellValue();

    Please assist me.
    Thanks in advance
  30. HSSF chart example[ Go to top ]

    I am trying to change the data for a chart that i have created
    in excel and then change the source data using the HSSF in POI, does anybody have an example to do this?

    kind regards