Live Code Examples for JDK 1.5 and Other APIs


News: Live Code Examples for JDK 1.5 and Other APIs

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    Zamples, Inc. has released a free public resource: live code examples for JDK 1.4, JDK 1.5 and APIs such as the Google Web Services API, the Amazon Web Service API, Java Servlet API and others. Plug in code to the web form and "Run It!".

    From Zamples

    "Want to kick the tires on JDK 1.5 without having to install any software? Puzzled by how an method in an API works, and wish you had a handy live code example that you could play with?

    You should try Zamples ( - it is free to programmers to use.

    Software platform vendors can use Zamples to grow their ecosystem of developers and keep them up to date. Journalists and online authors can use Zamples to write interactive stories about software, complete with 'Try It!' buttons. Contact sales at zamples dot com to learn more."

    Visit the Samples page to test out code.

    I don't know if many people would use this versus preferring their IDE of choice (with completion etc), but kinda fun!
  2. Searching (open) source code[ Go to top ]

    On a similar vein, I think it would be a useful programmers resource if a search company, say *oogle, had a fascility to search code under the apache or BSD licenses, so that programmers would have working code to augment javadocs. Using GPL code would be problematic, but there is lots of other source code available.

    I had to do a little searching of demo code recently which eventually amounted to unzip and grep, but like all lazy programmers, and lazy can be good, wished someone had automated the work on the web.