Datamata SQL Portal - DB management tool for developers


News: Datamata SQL Portal - DB management tool for developers

  1. Datamata SQL Portal is a J2EE server side product. It provides easy to use, secure SQL access to all project databases for all project members from a single web location.

    Datamata SQL Portal allows managing data over the web. It is free for light use with 2 concurrent connections. However, the true value of the product is realized when providing SQL access to dozens of databases, for dozens of users in an enterprise environment.

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  2. nice![ Go to top ]

    Unlike a number of other war-files I've downloaded, it actually installs and just works (Tomcat/Oracle 9i). Drivers included for a (small) number of common databases. Easy configuration. Compilation of all jsp-pages is done during installation/configuration and takes some time. I even got a couple of errors (jdk 1.3.1/tomcat 4.1.24), but they didn't seem to affect normal functionality.
  3. and what about dba operations?[ Go to top ]

    ...such as creating views, editing table structure, indexes, etc...? Does anyone know of applications providing those features (something like mysqladmin but cross-database)?
    However, it seems useful and enough "free" to be used in real world/low budget situations.
  4. and what about dba operations?[ Go to top ]

    sorry, I meant phpmyadmin, not mysqladmin
  5. I was about to install phpmyadmin to achieve simple database administration but was hoping to find something that I could drop into Tomcat which would do much the same thing. This seems like it will fit the bill. I did, at one point, get an error saying I had exceeded my connection limit of 2, though I don't see how it was possible given the context... possibly something I did, couldn't repeat it.

    Anyway, looks very good. Upon initial inspection, 1 feature I would like to see ala phpmyadmin is the ability to import a file and execute it.

  6. Some clarifications[ Go to top ]

    Thanks for the comments; I think some clarifications have to be made:

    * The product does not come with JDBC drivers. People who try it already have drivers installed on their servers and this is why it works right away.

    * DBA wise the product is definitely not very friendly, though it is possible to drop/create tables/view from the SQL pad. All core SQL should work.

    * There were several problems reported regarding occasionally running out of user connections after the initial setup, though it works most of the time. The latest build of 10-FEB has fixed this issue. We apologize.

    * It is possible to open (upload) a file into SQL Pad. Individual SQL commands can be separated by a semicolon. Well, this makes it a script to execute; though, it would not do well with 100K of code. I agree, there should be a more robust script execution setup.
  7. DB Cruiser is a web database access tool with reporting and bulk data loading functionality. It allows you to access SQL databases from your web browsers; to explore information about databases; to view and manipulate data, including CLOB (Character Large Object) and BLOB (Binary Large Object); to generate reports; and to load bulk data into tables, etc.
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