After using for persistence BMP and CMP EntityBeans, CachedRowSet, JDBC I decided that I need an object-relational mapping tool.
The requirements for this tool should be:

    * Open Source
    * Running in container and stand-alone
    * Small footprint
    * Database independent
    * Use inheritance
    * Optimistic concurrency locking
    * Use many classes per table
    * Use many tables per class
    * Do not use a lot of complicated XML files for mappings
    * Running in disconnected mode
    * etc...

After researching I found several nice frameworks/tools with some strengths and weaknesses, but none of them have
all the feathers that I needed.
So I created for myself this small (less then 50KB) framework: Java Ultra-Lite Persistence (JULP).
After using JULP in several applications (stand-alone, Tomcat, JBoss) I decided to offer it under GPL to anyone who may find it usefull.
Maybe somebody will not like this framework because it is not doing things they are needed, but as you know "One size does NOT fit all!"

Well, 50KB can fit in a lot of places :)
O, swing GUI to generate classes and mappings too...

Features: http://julp.sourceforge.net/features.html