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    DevStream has released JView 2004 1.3, a J2EE performance monitor and Java tuning profiler.

    This java performance tuning tool is designed to help customers quickly detect bottlenecks in their performance of Java custom code and J2EE-driven applications.

    A J2EE monitor trial version is available for download.

    Features include:

    * Java Performance Metrics, including Method time, CPU thread time, and SQL based transaction time.
    * Very low overhead - Using native dynamic-instrumentation library
    * J2EE Thread stack viewer
    * JavaScape - A landscape view of your J2EE environment
    * SQLylzer HotSpot analysis view for in-depth SQL coverage.
    * SLA Monitoring coverage to ensure your application is performing as expected.
    * Operation Awareness Alerts can page support staff, informing of potential performance issues, as performance nears SLA thresholds.
    * Built-In Cluster Capability, allowing for multiple agent displays, including CPU, JVM Heap memory, and method metric data.
    * MReports - JView 2004's internal reporting system.

    JView 2004 is available on Windows, Solaris, and Linux, for application servers such as Weblogic, JBoss, and JRun.

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  2. JView 2004 - New J2EE Performance Monitor[ Go to top ]

    Hope it works out for you matey :-).

    I did start taking a look at it last weekend and it looks pretty cool :-)
  3. Looks good - but wont install.[ Go to top ]

    There appears to be zero documentation supplied - and none available on the web until you make a purchase.

    I tried my best to install, but it just wont!

    The on-line demonstration looks pretty good. I may try again if I get a spare few minutes.
  4. JView 2004 - Help[ Go to top ]


    After you install the application, a help file is located under documentation.

    Help is also available at http://www.devstream.com/help.

    You can also send an email to support at devstream dot com if you need more help.

  5. Looks cool![ Go to top ]

    Looks really cool, hope it works, I'll take a look at it for several hours. :)
  6. Does not work[ Go to top ]

    I installed the thing and running the agent with a Tomcat web app. In the console I can see the agent shows up in the treeview and I selected it. But all the views are empty. No information seems to be collected to the NS.

  7. Make sure you select "Apply Changes"[ Go to top ]

    After you select your node, make sure you click the "Apply Changes" button. (As you can select multiple nodes). Take a look at the demo walk-thru

    After you have applied the changes to the node selection tree, it a few jsp's. You will see data in the views. If you have any other issues, feel free to email support at devstream dot com.
  8. Error occurred during initialization of VM
    Could not find -Xrun library: libJView.so
  9. We have recognized that our JView 2004 version 1.3.01 was missing the Solaris GNU lib.

    You may login and download a new JView 2004 Solaris version 1.3.02, or simply download a 207kb zip file, containing the library you need from the following url. The files contain 2 GNU runtime shared libraries.


    One you have the zip file, simply extract to your <install>/agent/solaris directory.
  10. DevStream Company[ Go to top ]

    Can someone please let me know How you would rate the service and product provided by DevStream. I have downloaded JView and before I spend time on evaluating it, I wanted to know the price. So 2 weeks back I wrote the sales department explaining what I needed. After not getting any feedback, I called them at various times and I always get a answering machine. Are the operations of DevStream being run out of a basement somewhere. The message really sounds like a answering machine and not a professional voice message but in either case still I have not heard anything back.

    Please do let me know - so far they have not impressed me.
  11. RE: DevStream Company[ Go to top ]


    We look forward to delivering value to our current and prospective customers alike. I apologize that when you called, you received our PBX - this will happen during various times of the day when our staff is busy working with other customers. A live person will pickup (if available) Monday - Friday during normal business hours MST. We do offer 24-hour live customer support for Platinum customers.

    Our notes indicate that you sent the Sales department an email on April 29th, which was replied to promptly on April 29th (you also replied to this email on 5/18).

    We can refer you directly to users who have dealt with us personally, and can alleviate your concerns. Opposed to our competitors in this area, we offer our product to a 20-day trial to ensure the product meets your needs. You can also view the online demo at www.devstream.com/demo to get a feel for the available features.

    Please do not hesitate to contact myself, or the sales department to assist you further with references.