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    Can someone tell me if it is possible to maintain sessions on the web server even if the weberver is clustered on two or more machines. How to set this up. Thanks
  2. i believe that session tracking is a software effort and hence it should be possible in theory. I havent done it with webservers but have done it database servers where my databases would be spread accross different machines. the session tracker would work just fine.

    let me see if i can post the setup. it might take a while before i could do that though...
  3. Thanks Satish. I'll wait for that. I intend to use Apache and Tomcat for this.
  4. WebLogic definitely provides for session tracking across clustered servicies. I cannot really describe the setup for a couple of reasons. Frist, they provide tons of documentation about it, second, this is not enough and you have to struggle with this for some time and then you are not quite sure what you did. But for simple cases this is not that difficult. Look at their site.