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    I really start to hate Gavin for being rude to me in his forum. Hibernate seems good, but I don't want to waste my time with beeing angry because of such a person. He may be technically good, but in my eyes he is no nice guy.

    So I look for free alternatives.

    Can you tell me some? I think OJB seems to be a good choice. What else?

    And of course the community should be a good one. The leading people should be nice guys, not offending the users.

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    ibatis Data Access Objects
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    You might take a look at Object/Relational Bridge from Apache ( I've used it for the last couple of years. It does everything that Hibernate does and also supports a pluggable architecture. For example, I've been easily able to offer support to my own clients for different caching abilities. They can plug in Tangosol, OSCache, JCS, and others. Cool.

    They also support for their multiple persistence strategies with PersistenceBroker (their own tool), ODMG compliance, and JDO.

    It's really a great tool. The one thing missing is a GUI mapping interface, but I think that's in the works.

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    Java Ultra-Lite Persistence (JULP)
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    I think you should switch to JDO...
    This is standard API with big number of commertial implementations and also has lots of open source projects as well.

    Check out

    BTW, I've heard that Gavin is in the JDO2.0 spec. it true?
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    i think you shouldn't choose your persistence tier framework based on personal vendettas ;)

    If software were chosen based on the popularity of project leaders, JBoss wouldn't have any customers.
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    This reply comes long, long ago after the main debate, but since it is still pertinent... Good alternatives to Hibernate, and I'd go further, alternatives to persistence do exist! Persistence emerged when database engines where slow and not optimized, nowadays they are deprecated. A small and lightweight library is much better now that caching occurs inside the RDBMS anyway. Have a look at Velosurf