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     Could someone please help me in taking a decision between using WebWorks and Struts as the WebApp Framework for our J2EE Applications.

     If these have already been compared elsewhere, those links would also help.


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    i suggest trying them both and decide which one is better for you
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    Been there, done that! The Wafer project has already built the SAME application with both WebWork and Struts. As for which one is better really depends on your need and skills. Personally I like WebWork but I see value in using Struts being that it is so popular. In the world of frameworks, Struts and Webwork are more similar than they are different, have you considered looking at Tapestry? IMO Webwork has the best front controller pattern solutions while Tapestry has the best component based solutions. What is also very nice about WebWork is that you are not tied to the front controller pattern, you can implement Webwork as a page controller to which in some cases is very nice.


    Kris Thompson
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