Is it good to shift from J2EE platform to .NET platform?


EJB design: Is it good to shift from J2EE platform to .NET platform?

  1. Hi,

    My friend is in J2EE platform. Recently he got an offer from iSoft company (UK based MNC) in .NET platform.

    Now he is in dilema whether to retain or move to .NET platform. The offer is good but his fearing is about .NET future and also about iSoft company.

    Please help us in this regard at the earliest possible time.

    Thanks in advance,
    Naresh Kumar Tirunagari
    Cognizant Technology Solutions
  2. Hi,

    This should help:
    101 Reasons Why Java is Better than .NET (Reloaded) by
    Carlos E. Perez

    Andrew Kuzmin
  3. I don't think technology should be a major deciding factor in whether to take a job or not. Sure, there are real technical differences between .NET and Java, but they pale in comparison to the other issues that make a job good or bad.

    You can have sane or terrible work environments with both .NET and Java. The real issues are:

    What kind of compensation will he get?

    What is his potential for advancement?

    What is the company's potential for growth and stability?

    What kind of development projects do they engage in (reasonable or death march)?

    He might be concerned that this job will pidgeon-hole him as a Microsoft-only developer, but there are ways he can hedge his bets (like keeping his Java skills fresh through Open Source development).

    Unlike a lot of previous Microsoft offerings, .NET looks like it has a real future, and long term commitment from MS. Personally, I like Java better because that is where my skills are, and I do think it is technically superior, but if someone offered me a great job doing .NET, I might take it.