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    I am now considering using Toplink as the object-relational mapping tools. From some of the product description, it can implement CMP approach with mutiple table and even using store procedure. Do anyone have experience of these feature of TopLink? Also, do anyone have any comment on that product(such as performance, easy of use, etc)?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I want to know too, can toplink generate CMP code or DAO (data access object) code. How's it compare to the Java Blend?
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    We have been using TOPLink here for a few months, only for regular data access (no EJB). We were impressed right away with the flexibility and ease of getting started. In fact, our entire data access layer was completely finished inside of a week (15 - 20 tables, complex relationships). So far, performance seems to be good.

    It does have some funny little quirks that will have to be dealt with when you come to them, but, all in all, it works as advertised and really speeds up the development cycle.
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    Highly recommended. Will never go back to manual SQL recoding.