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    can anybody sum this up for me??

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  2. I cannot tell you the details ( don`t know them ), but CMPs are faster than BMPs, you get transaction advantages.
    Beyond that, i`ve heard a lot something like "always use CMP, unless you have a strong reason to use BMPs".

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    Following are the few scenarions for which BMP is recommended.

    1. If you need to execute Complex SQL Queries.
    2. If you need to some tedeious or complex business process.
    3. If your App Server does not provide proper Database Mapping Tools

    Hope it helps.
  4. Mainly BMP is used when you are having a query which is dealing with two tables which have foreign key reference while this is not possible if you use CMP

    CMP is used for optimization has it take care of everything regarding transaction,consistence and so on.

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    It is possible to use CMP 2.0 when you are dealing with two tables via a foreign key reference. EJB 2.0 supports it.

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    I'm not sure if CMP in EJB2.0 supports 2 tables? except of course when we are using CMR beans.
    But a single bean mapping to 2 tables...not heard of it. Pls let me know if it can be done and where can i find additional details on it.
  7. Hi Jatin,

    Pls find the code you need in the Weblogic 7.0 installation directory