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    Is it possible for a servlet to make a send a reply and then continue processing? I have a situation where the servlet should return control to the client and after that invoke a method on a session bean.

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    You can use JMS for this purpose - send a message from the servlet before it's service() method returns and invoke EJB from message consumer.
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    How about starting a new thread just before making a call to the session bean. I mean call to the session bean should be made in a new thread. try it !!

    Ravi Sankar Pabbati
    GE India.
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    hi Geoff,
    the better solution is u write another servlet with just seesionbean method invocation. in ur first servlet just before service method returns, forward the request to second servlet with RequestDispatcher.

    By this u can also pass data if any u get from client as part of request.

    i hope it helps u.