C++ to Web Service - SOAP toolkit and XA Transaction


XML & Web services: C++ to Web Service - SOAP toolkit and XA Transaction

  1. We have a legacy C++ code that uses XA based resource manager. We would like to call a Web Service that was implemented in J2EE from that C++ code. However, that call should get hooked into the XA transaction initiated in the C++ code. Do we have any C++ SOAP toolkit that does that? I understand with WS-Transaction the recent J2EE servers support XA transaction. Is it true? Can you suggest any other option? It is just a C++ legacy application to J2EE integration issue but with XA transactions.
    I will be grateful for any suggestion.
  2. Hi
    If you want the XA integration between the C++ application and a J2EE app. server I think is cleaner to write a JCA for the C++ app. Going through web services, with all that 'domification' involved, in order to achieve the XA stuff seems to me like an overkill.
    Best regards, Mircea