For the past 3 years PushToTest published TestMaker, a popular utility and framework for automating Web tests, under a free open-source license. TestMaker now comes with an End User License Agreement (EULA) that costs either $12,000 per person, or $23,000 per year per person with upgrades included. Or $42,000 with no upgrades. The longer you wait the more expensive the license actually costs.

"That open source thing just wasn't working," said Frank Cohen, CEO at PushToTest. "We kept fixing bugs, answering support questions, and generally improving the way people test and maintain service-oriented systems. And what did it get us?"

Cohen attributed the new PushToTest corporate strategy to a deep respect of successful corporations selling proprietary solutions. "If a company can build an empire from something like Microsoft Basic, then darn it we're going to go there too," Cohen said.

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