Collaborative Code Server Supports New Java-Based Interpretive Language

April 3 , 2004 - Zamples, Inc., announced today the availability of a free preview of its Web-based interactive code examples for the Groovy language. Zamples® patent pending technology increases the productivity of software developers by providing a collaborative facility in which instructional materials,
including executable code examples, can be accessed by developers over the Internet or within intranets using a standard browser-based client.

Zamples' products allow software developers to share interactive discussions and examples of "excellent" code and coding techniques to build skills, enhance productivity, and teach complex interfaces and techniques. They can be readily adapted to virtually any language and platform API.

"Our mission is to enable platform providers to accelerate the adoption rate of their programming languages and APIs," said Michael Slinn, Zamples' founder and CTO. "Software developers learn best by doing. Our products provide them with software 'sandboxes' where they can find and experiment with software examples, and share information about their
results with other community members. Our products enable software vendors, enterprise IT departments, system integrators, open source communities, educators, and online publishers to improve developer learning and productivity."

The free preview of Zamples technology for Groovy is available on Zamples' web site ( Code examples there can be modified, compiled and executed from a web browser, without users installing any code locally on their system. The Zamples' web site also offers online code examples written in Perl, Python and bash for JDK 1.5, the Google Web Services API, the PayPal API and the Java Servlet(TM) API.

Zamples server-based software is available now and is licensed either for installation on customer-owned servers or as an application service operated by Zamples.