With the great help of the Project Proposal Shepherds of Eclipse, the ObjectWeb Consortium has kicked off a new Web Tools Platform Project proposal! The goal of this proposal is to apply these Eclipse standards (technical excellence, functional innovation and overall extensibility) to the Web/J2EE application-tooling domain. This proposal has been
posted at http://www.eclipse.org/proposals/eclipse-webtools/index.html.

Following the Eclipse development process based on the principles of openness and frequent review, the community is invited to join the discussions on the Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project Proposal. During the 30 calendar day review period, the community is invited to comment on, critique, contribute to, and offer to join the project. At the end of the review period (May 27th), the feedback will be gathered and presented to the Board of Directors. A positive vote by the Board will officially launch the project.

Web Standard Tools
The Web Standard Tools subproject aims to provide common infrastructure available to any Eclipse-based development environment targeting Web-enabled applications. Within scope will be tools for the development of three-tier (presentation, business and data logic) and server publication of corresponding system artifacts. Outside scope will be server-side Java technology, which will be left to the J2EE Web Tools subproject.
Tools provided will include editors, validators and document generators for artifacts developed in a wide range of standard languages (for example, HTML/xHMTL, Web services, XQueries, SQL, etc.) Supporting infrastructure will likely comprise a specialized workbench supporting actions such as publish, run, start and stop of Web application code across target server environments.

As an integrated set of capabilities, the Web Standard Tools would support use cases such as "- Develop and publish a static HTML site, - Deploy an applet on a given http server, - Develop and publish a WSDL schema on a UDDI registry
J2EE Standard Tools
The initial scope of the J2EE Standard Tools subproject will be to provide a basic Eclipse plug-in for developing applications based on J2EE 1.4 targeting J2EE-compliant application servers, as well as a generic J2EE tooling infrastructure for other Eclipse-based development products.

Within scope will be a workbench providing a framework for developing, deploying, testing and debugging J2EE applications on standards-compliant server environments, as well as an exemplary implementation for an open source J2EE Server. Included will be a range of tools simplifying development with J2EE APIs including EJB, Servlet, JSP, JCA, JDBC, JTA, JMS, JMX, JNDI, and Web Services. This infrastructure will be architected for extensibility for higher-level development constructs providing architectural separations of concern and technical abstraction above the level of the J2EE specifications

The integrated workbench to be delivered would support use cases such as " – Develop a JSP page, Enhance the "PetStore" blue-print application, Expose a Session Bean as a Web Service
Check http://www.objectweb.org/wws/arc/community/2004-04/msg00029.html for details and instructions about getting involved.