can I convert txt file to MYSQL


EJB design: can I convert txt file to MYSQL

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    I am a student of the MTech course
     and my problem is:
    I have some information of the customer (like his name,credit card number ) that visited my site and buy something ( as my project is an Online shop ). I am now storing his information in a file by separating the columns by "|" mark and taking them a tokenizer class values and manipulating the information.
    Now I want to store the information into My Sql insted of files.Can I convert the file directly to Mysql data base Is there any tool for that.And I am using RedHat linux 8.0 and J2SDK 1.4.1 and MySql with Tomcat webserver..
  2. there is a mysql import routine which you run that tells mysql how the column rows are seperated or you could parse the file using java and use simple jdbc insert commands