O'Reilly Distributes Pragmatic Bookshelf


News: O'Reilly Distributes Pragmatic Bookshelf

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    O'Reilly has teamed up with The Pragmatic Programmers and will now be selling the Pragmatic Bookshelf book series.

    "Pragmatic Bookshelf titles have garnered awards and critical acclaim from the start, including a Jolt Productivity Award from Software Development magazine and "perfect 10" reviews for both of their initial offerings from influential programmer sites slashdot.org and JavaRanch. This recognition is all the more impressive because the books have had very limited distribution in retail stores. O'Reilly will expand retail distribution for Pragmatic Programmers, handle direct sales, warehousing, and shipping, plus provide direct marketing and PR support."

    O'Reilly Distributes Pragmatic Programmers

    Congrats to Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt. We look forward to new books in the Pragmatic series :)

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  2. Congratulations, Dave and Andy. Good for you guys, and for O'Reilly.
  3. I hope that Amazon now will sell their books.

    Will they be reprinted by O'Reilly?
  4. We're hoping too :)[ Go to top ]


    Yes, the books will be available through Amazon (and all other retail channels used by O'Reilly). It may take a while to trickle through to all of them. You'll always be able to get them from our secure store at pragmaticprogrammer.com.

    O'Reilly will not be reprinting the titles: we're an independent publisher, and we create and print all our own books. O'Reilly are simply acting as the distributor. We're thrilled: we couldn't be working with a better company.


    Dave Thomas
  5. Fine books[ Go to top ]

    I've had the pleasure of reading two, and have seen some of the early chapters of a third. Dave and Andy write marvelously simple books that distill a problem down to the basics. I believe that Mike Clark (who co-wrote Bitter EJB with me, and is doing the automation book with Dave and Andy) is one of the finest young authors in the Java community.

    I don't want to speak for Dave, but yes, you'll be able to get these books on Amazon (but you can also save this young publishing shop some overhead cost by ordering from them directly); and I believe that they plan to keep these books under the Pragmatic Bookshelf label.

    Congrats to both of you, and thanks to Dave (version control), Andy (unit testing with JUnit) and Mike (automation: not yet released) for fine books. I regularly recommend them to my clients that need to do a better job of version control or unit testing. Can anyone talk to other books in the pipeline?

    - Bruce Tate, hoping to one day achieve that level of excellence.
  6. Upcoming books[ Go to top ]

    Can anyone talk to other books in the pipeline?- Bruce Tate, hoping to one day achieve that level of excellence.
    Thanks, Bruce.

    As you wrote, Mike Clark's book on Automation is coming up soon. It will be the third volume in the Starter Kit set (it's actually the fourth book, as the Unit Testing book comes in both a Java and C# flavor).

    The point of the Starter Kit series is that these three practices (version control, unit testing, automation) are required no matter what methodology you believe in, and that without them, your project will be severely challenged.

    One of the upcoming (but as of yet unannounced) books will be a sort of volume 0 of the set. That is, an overview of how to run a pragmatic project. What are the things you need to address, what are the common technologies people use, how does it all fit together, and how do you fix the common problems that arise.

    We'll be announcing more details on that book shortly; we've also got some other very cool (perhaps even groovy) titles in the works.

    (BTW, if you want to get e-mailed for our new book announcements, there's a page here where you can sign up.
  7. Thanks, Andy[ Go to top ]

    Will your "volume 0" book speak from a process, theory, or technology perspective? Or will it cut across all?

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