How BEA web logic 5.1 connect Oracle8.1.5


EJB programming & troubleshooting: How BEA web logic 5.1 connect Oracle8.1.5

  1. How BEA web logic 5.1 connect Oracle8.1.5 (2 messages)

     I'm beginner for Web logic, and now I install V5.1 on Win2000,according to the document provided by BEA, I can not connect Oracle8.1.5,if you have experience for this,can you email to me.

    Robbie(Tsinggang at 263 dot net)
  2. hi pal . just download the thin drivers for oracle it includes a jar file place that file in ur comp & add that path to the classpath .....

    & then specify in ur weblogic property file line number 712
    i hope this works
    regards hemanth
    have fun
  3. Hi,

    Ensure that u have installed Oracle client on the machine, on which the weblogic server is installed. Test the client by logging in to ur oracle server using SQL Plus.

    The installation & setup related help should be useful. Make sure u have appropriate ociXXXXX directory under bin directory in path. This is documented in the installation guide.

    Have fun exploring connection pool