Quartz Job Scheduler 1.4.0 released


News: Quartz Job Scheduler 1.4.0 released

  1. Quartz Job Scheduler 1.4.0 released (10 messages)

    Quartz is an enterprise-class Job Scheduler for use in stand-alone and full-blown J2EE Applications. Quartz is very light-weight, highy scalable, and extremely easy to use within your own applications. Quartz has been under development for over 3 years, and has recently joined the OpenSymphony group of open source products.

    The 1.4 release contains a number of new features and bug fixes.

    The most notable additions/changes are:

    * Performance improvements
    * Improved XML initialization
    * More convenient interruption of executing jobs
    * New "interceptor" behavior for job/trigger listeners
    * New scheduling options for triggers
    * New mechanism for jobs to report "results" of their operation.

    See the release notes for a complete change list.

    Thank you to the many contributors that made this release possible.

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  2. Excellent tool[ Go to top ]


    we use Quartz in production (B2B eCommerce portal) every day. Works flawlessly. Highly recommended, and big thanks to the developers.

  3. What jobs do you use for?[ Go to top ]

    You said that "Highly recommended, and big thanks to the developers.". I think you hava a great satisfaction with Quartz.
    Could you let me know what type of your jobs do you use Quartz?
    Thanks in advanced!!
  4. What jobs do you use for?[ Go to top ]


    - reloading of document caches from enterprise backend
    - sync of database and ldap user/role/rights directory
    - cleanup functions
    - report and statistics generation (for management :-)

  5. Type of Quartz Job[ Go to top ]

    Replace threads :), i found using Quartz jobs(in memory) to handle long processes excellent, very fault tolerent, ..and if you use Quartz as a J2EE component and a datasource you can really wrap all processes that are critical in your application in quartz maybe this is a bad comparision, but i think of them like MDBs without the overhead... "Big Ups!" to the developers!

  6. We are using Quartz 1.3.4 to Electronic Data Interchange. But 1.3.4 doesn't provide the feature to interrupt executing job.

    I'll try this new feature later. Thank u James and other Quartz team member.
  7. Printer Friendly doc for Tutorial[ Go to top ]

    I am really looking forward to using Quartz on my next java app. The only little quirk I have is that I wish there was a printer friendly link for the tutorial (or maybe it is there and I just missed it).

    I know asking for a printer friendly page for a product is really not a popular request, but it sure would help me (and I am sure others as well). If the printer friendly link is there, could you point me to it.....if not, is it something that could be done in the near future?

    Great job on the product.

    Best Regards,
    Tom Pridham
    Land O Lakes FL USA
  8. The only little quirk I have is that I wish there was a printer friendly link for the tutorial (or maybe it is there and I just missed it).
    Sorry, no, there is not one. Also the tutuorial is a bit out of date - not that it contains incorrect info, but that it needs to document the more recent features. That said, it's pretty good as-is.

    In the future, there will be a printer friendly version, but no promises as to when.
  9. Job scheduling in Java[ Go to top ]

    The only little quirk I have is that I wish there was a printer friendly link for the tutorial
    While not try this tutorial: http://www.onjava.com/pub/a/onjava/2004/03/10/quartz.html, It has a printer friendly link. It's enough to study Quartz 1.3.4.

    BTW, I think it's really friendly that a print version turoial exists.
  10. JMX Model MBean vs Quartz[ Go to top ]

    hi all,
     i have one question..
    what are advantages/disadvantages of Quartz comparing to use of JMX Timer and JMX Model MBean?
    one is that not all app server supports persistence for Model MBean, but i am interested to know your opinion....

    thanx and regards
  11. Quartz v 2.0[ Go to top ]

    Hi There,

    Does anyone know when Quartz v 2.0 is roughly scheduled to be released?

    Also can anyone tell me if it is still planned to give the feature of storing values in the Quartz tables as name/value pairs rather than in a BLOB?

    Many Thanks,