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    Hi, I have an application that runs on Weblogic 8.1, but i want to pass this application to JBoss, I almost finnish it, but there are some problems on the selects, I use ejb-ql. When I deploy the application JBoss don´t recognize the BETWEEN or the IN clause, how can I solved this problem.

    this is some example query that is on the ejb-jar:

              <![CDATA[Select Object(o) from ApasMovimientoPagoLiquidado o where o.tip_Identificacion = ?1 and o.num_Identificacion = ?2 and o.fec_Pago BETWEEN ?3 and ?4]]>

    Can Anyone help me?, a by the way I'm using JBoss 3.2.1

    Regards Daniel
  2. Have a look on 'Jboss-ql', which is more specific to JBOSS I suppose and
    goes in jboss.xml.

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    And how I can use it in JBuilder because when i make ejbs the code of the query automatically is put in ejb-jar.xml
  4. I am not sure about JBuilder. I use Xdoclet to generate. sorry i couldnt be of much help here.