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       when we create and use the EJB at client,i only have to import my ejb's home and remote interface and some other package which is provided by the server vendor, but these are working through the RMI,why i needn't generate the stub class for the client?
       thanks for your help.

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    When u create an EJB, the EJB compiler (ejbc) would have generated all the client stub.
    As a client, u don't have to generate the client stub urself. (As opposed to say a CORBA client which needs to do that)

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    For ejb's no need generate stubs and skeletons explicitly. Ejb compiler ejbc will do it for u.
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    concerning the service provider stuff i have to import on my client:

    Using weblogic 5.1 i wonder if it is necessary to use the WL Context Factory to connect to my server or if i am able to use an RMI factory so that i don't need to import all the weblogic classes ??

    Does anybody out there have any experience concerning that?

    Thanks in advance