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EJB programming & troubleshooting: WebLogic support for CMP with Mutiple Table?

  1. WebLogic support for CMP with Mutiple Table? (6 messages)

    Does WebLogic5.1 support join on tables (mutiple tables) with Container Managed Persistence(CMP) Entity Bean??

  2.         Hi,

           No,U have to go for BMP.Visit http://www.thoughtinc.com/ for information on how to relate tables in CMP

  3. Thanks Satya, But the site you mentioned (www.thoughtinc.com) speaks about CocoBase,not much about CMP. Atleast I didn't get a confirmed say that table joins are not supported by CMP in WebLogic.
    I have found some article on CMP Enterprise Beans, where it is mentioned that few container/server vendors do support for simple joins.
    And, considering WebLogic to be a peer, I expect this support from BEA.

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  4.         Hi,

             I think joining tables is not possoble (CMP) in Weblogic 5.1.

             U mentioned that there some servers r there which r supporing small joinings.Could u please send me the sites and server names

              Thank U
  5. WebLogic 6.0 (due out tomorrow) may do what you need, via
    the EJB 2.0 CMP APIs.
  6. If you still want to stick with WebLogic 5.1, then create views based on the join queries and map the beans on to them. Updation can be done by making jdbc connections and executing queries in business methods
  7.  WebLogic5.1 is support EJB1.1 specification. EJB1.1 doesn't support multiple tables with CMP. If you want to use multiple tables with CMP you have to use WebLogic6.0 which support EJB2.0 specification.

     In case you have only WebLogic5.1 and you want to use multiple tables, you have to implement your EJB by using BMP concept instead CMP.