Announcing JDeveloperAOP's first deliverable, AspectJ support


News: Announcing JDeveloperAOP's first deliverable, AspectJ support

  1. We would like to announce the availability of AspectJ support for Oracle JDeveloper. After a long incubation period, I can finally announce that the JDeveloperAOP project is finally available and has produced its first deliverable. Now available for download is an early version of support for AspectJ in JDeveloper 10G.

    This project's goal is to provide integrated support for Aspect Orientated Programming in Oracle's JDeveloper IDE. Where possible we hope to make use of, and reuse code from, projects that have solved similar problems for other IDEs.

    The initial focus of the project is to integrate ADJT, the AspectJ design time environment, into JDeveloper. This was triggered when Gerard Davison went to AOSD'2004 and managed to spend a little time in the lunch breaks and the train journey home to bring something together.

    Hopefully this project will expand to support other AOP implementation such as AspectWerkz and JBoss. Starting with tool chain support and then hopefully providing ADJT like comprehension tools It is also thought that the work of the 'AOP Alliance' will influence tool development as standards form in this area.

    The project would welcome addition contributions, and experimental add-ins that support the whole range of AOP projects.
    We would welcome feedback on this project, and suggestions of which AOP implementations we should focus on supporting for the future.

    Read the JDeveloper AOP announcement

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  2. But, did JDeveloper add support for Java?

    Sorry, just couldn't resist.
  3. JDeveloper development[ Go to top ]

    I wish the JDeveloper team would fix some of the glaring bugs before adding slews of new features. Like if I delete a class, the class file doesn't get deleted from the build directory. Sometimes deployment profiles become out of whack and don't deploy the files that are selected. Changing member variable names or types in the GUI class editor doesn't sync with associated getter/setters and thus introduce compilation errors.

    Also, please add maximizing of the code editor window, how hard can that be? Better refactoring is also a must (Refactoring package names, local variables and more).

    Thanks for a nice product though, but please polish it before adding more gruff.
  4. Clarafication[ Go to top ]

    Just to clarify, this is not an Oracle project and doesn't impact on the development of JDeveloper. All of the work on this done outside of the office. (Except for this post!)

    I am sure the product managers [for JDeveloper] will be interested in your feedback, indeed many of them have already been addressed in the next major release of the tool.


    Gerard Davison
  5. This is welcome news. Obviously there's already a fairly good AspectJ plugin for Eclipse, but it's important that support extends beyond one IDE. (Even if it is the one I use :-)