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    J2ME Polish is suite of tools, of which every one meets a definite need of J2ME developers: Build-tools with an integrated device-database, a powerful GUI, a game-engine, a logging framework and a collection of utilities (e.g. an ArrayList and text utility).

    Build Tools
    The build-tool takes care for the common tasks of preprocessing, compilation, obfuscation, preverification, packaging and JAD-creation. Thanks to the integrated device database, device-optimization is easier than ever.

    • Device Selection: Select the devices for which the application should be build. This can be done explicitly by listing the devices or implicitly by stating requirements for the devices (e.g. "use all devices which support the MIDP/2.0 standard or the Mobile Media API").
    • Preprocessing: Create faster, leaner and device optimized applications with the power of J2ME Polish' preprocessing capabilities and the integrated device database. Check and use device specifications within your code without using hardcoded values or risking the portability of your application.
      You can use any device-capabilities which are defined in the device database:

      //#if polish.api.mmapi || polish.midp2
      import javax.microedition.javax.microedition.media.*;
    • ... and more ...
    Read more at the J2ME Polish home page
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    Its a cool stuff for celfons :). Any support for Palm Devices????
  3. For long I have been wondering about the IR APIs for the mobile phones. This Polish Utility only has some GUI utilities. Does anybody aware of any J2ME software providing the IR API?
  4. Infrared is not a standard feature in MIDP, so it depends on what phone you're targetting. Under MIDP 2.0, you can access the IR port as a serial device between two devices. You would use a CommConnection.

    Marcin Zduniak / http://www.j2me.pl