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    I'm deploying an Entity Bean in Weblogic and it gives me the following:

    Persistence type WebLogic RDBMS Persistence 5.1.0 could not be initialized. Please report this problem to the vendor.
    Could not setup PersistenceType for bean 'shopSite.category'.

    Error occurred while processing persistence type 'WebLogic RDBMS Persistence'.

    Due to the following underlying exceptions:
    Bean provided to WebLogic RDBMS CMP system is invalid.

    Please examine the following exceptions for specific problems:
    0: An unknown error occurred while parsing the Weblogic CMP RDBMS deployment descriptor. Check that the deployment descriptor contains well-formed and valid XML.

    Can anybody help me? Does anybody know the reason why ?

    Thanks in advance,


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    If it is container managed bean then u have to change specify database related information in weblogic-cmp-rdbms-jar.xml file.

    Like pool name( which u have to specify in file)

    hope this helps u somewhat

    nagendra( jvnk at yahoo dot com )
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    Hi, Nagendra,

    My bean is container managed, I looked the pool name and it's right, do you know what other thing could be?