help choosing db to switch to for existing J2EE web app!


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: help choosing db to switch to for existing J2EE web app!

  1. We have an existing web app that makes use of a subset of J2EE: mostly just servlets and JSPs. We currently use a multivalue database and it's fine except that the ODBC driver we connect to with Sun's JDBC-ODBC bridge keeps failing on us at peak time (about 2000+ concurrent web users at various points throughout the day), and the db company has been trying to fix the driver for a year and still hasn't fixed all the memory leaks. The powers that be are demanding that we switch databases, so we're trying to decide and convert as quickly as possible--do you have any suggestions for one that would be easy enough to manage once we got it converted?

    We're really small--only two developers, and one of them has been taking care of the db because he knows it so well, but neither of us knows Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, or even the open source databases much (but I'm ready to learn whatever I have to). Our web traffic is expected to at least double in this next year as it has in the past year, but I've had friends that still tell me Oracle would be overkill for our current needs. I see however that they have some system geared towards smaller businesses. Would it be worth the money because of the tools we would gain (intuitive GUIs, etc)? Or would we not gain enough and still be better off studying up on MySQL or something like that? The main problem is even if we had to bring in a consultant to help us convert ASAP (a couple of weeks at most?), someone would need to manage the db!

  2. Hi Stephen,

    You can find a solution to your problem in Daffodil DB a Java database which is easy to use and comes with ODBC support. I think your team of 2 developers can very well handle this DB. Daffodil DB comes with a GUI as well which will make its use all the more easy. Try it out at