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     How to deploy and run JSP files using J2EE....

    waiting 4 ur fastest reply
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    The question is not very clear. If I understood the question properly, put ur jsp in a folder say "MyJSP" in your app server root directory, and invoke the jsp from the client. A client could be a servlet or another jsp or a thin client such as web browser.
    To do it from jsp you may have to use either sendRedirect or forward.
    From servlet you can use RequestDispatcher to forward to the jsp or use sendRedirect as in jsp.
    From the browser you can invoke using "http://host:8080/MyJSP/myjsp.jsp?parameters if any" assuming the port number is 8080.
    Hope this answers your question.

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    Hi Anil,
    Mallikarjun is talking about the J2EE way of doing it.

    Use the deploytool that comes with the J2EE server and create a war and deploy the application.