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    JFolder has just been released. Formerly PowerFolder (a workflow engine), it has been transformed into an application development and deployment platform.

    One can author web pages, create workflow, bundle, and deploy applications entirely through a web browser. While the internal tagging architecture is flexible and customizable, applications can be created in minutes without writing any code.

    Check out JFolder.

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  2. Gary, you have mentioned in your original message that one can "author web pages"... When I went through the site and it's PDF docs for the screen-shots, I found no examples of any editor/authoring tool... I did see screenshots where one can create a webpage. Do you support any WYSIWYG Editor? And if so what browsers does it support?

    And in case you're (the reader) shopping to plugin a wysiwyg editor there are a few Open Source Projects:

    and a comparison site @ http://www.bris.ac.uk/is/projects/cms/ttw/ttw.html

    Nice to see a clean, simple workflow built around the mgt. of web pages...

    Venkatt Guhesan
    Aveda Technology
  3. On the homepage, if you click 'PDF' or 'Word' next to 'screenshots' and look at page 2, you will see a snapshot of the web page studio (page 4 shows a resulting web page created by the web page studio).

    In addition, the third application ('Hello World') in the 'Beginners Guide' gives detailed instructions on creating a simple web page. The studio requires no plug-in and should work with a modern browser.

    Is the web page studio a WYSIWYG editor? At this point I would say that it probably isn't. If the goal for a web page is purely presentational, then the listed editors would probably be a good fit.

    The web page studio gives the application creator solid control over content and functionality. In addition to content, the web page can perform complex actions, including workflow integration. You can also create new functions by extending the BaseWebTag superclass and updating 'jfolder.xml'.

    Thanks for your posting. My posting was getting lonely down here.
  4. JFolder vs Enhydra Shark[ Go to top ]

    I am looking for a workflow engine.
    My workflow is pretty simple, send the project to multiple departments to approve it sequencially. So which engine would be good for my purpose?
  5. JFolder vs Enhydra Shark[ Go to top ]

    JFolder will be able to handle your requirements. What is your timeline for completion of this workflow? Please send me your contact information to support at jfolder dot com.

    I haven't used Enhydra Shark, but have looked at the web site. It seems like a pretty good product.

    The JFolder team understands workflow is generally used within a larger context. We have added and will continue to add features to ease workflow integration.

    Please send me your contact information and I will be glad to help you.