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    I was wanting to help out with an open source project (wanted to better my skills). Does anyone know where of a place where they might have sort of a help wanted board for open source projects?


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    You can surely help us! :-)

    If you are interested in MDA, component-based, J2EE Open Source application:

    which uses the infrastructure of EJOSA:

    We want to integrate *all* the EJB components from LPortal project (also Open Source), so that we won't reinvent the wheel. At the moment we have one component (Bookmark component) which we took from LPortal... Also we add a MDA layer on the top of OpenUSS. So, the task would be quite complex: J2EE, reuse, MDA.

    You can write to our mailinglist if you want to!

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    GNU does have a board where people can find Open Source Projects to work with at:

    Jason McKerr
    The Open Source Lab
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    Hi Eric, is a jdo implementation. You can improve your knowledge on different APIs, like: JTA, JDO, JDBC, SWT, JCA and others

    Erik Bengtson