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    Tampa, FL, December 23, 2000 -- Have you ever tried to explain to your boss or customer why
    the e-commerce site you're developing will cost $800,000 and will take 6 months to develop? How often did you get the reaction "I can develop that HTML in 3 hours with Frontpage! Why should I pay you $800,000 to do that?"
    Those days are over thanks to the tools and services available from:

    The Insight Architecture Visualizer tool allows you to link
    your GUI prototypes (web based or not) to an animated architecture diagram showing your boss or customer all the components that have to be built or bought to turn your e-commerce site into a working, scalable system. While demonstrating your GUI, events are sent to the visualizer, which in respons animates all the components involved in creating the user experience.

    Better yet, once you've built your system, you can use the
    same Visualizer to monitor events from your live system and animate the architecture diagram the same way you did before you built the system.

    ArchitectureZone provides you with the tools and services
    to sell, build and monitor your systems. Sign up now and download the Insight Visualizer. ArchitectureZone also provides you with the Insight Architecture Wizard to help you model your architectures, an icon library and a custom icon generator.
  2. This link doesn't seem to exists.
  3. This URL is not available :
    Error message is displayed while trying to connect to this URL.

  4. the error remains at 18:36 ( hour in London, Dublin, Madrid)

    what´s up with the application?
  5. Sorry about this. The timing of the release with the
    Christmas holiday wasn't a good idea it seems...
    As soon as I get a hold of the person in charge it will be
    back up, I promise!

  6. The site is live again...
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Frank Sauer
  7. Seems dead here in MI...

    Cannot find server or DNS Error
    Internet Explorer
  8. Still cannot get to the site.

  9. I was not able to go to this site with IE on 12/28. are you sure the site is live???
  10. Did you pay them $800,000 to do that? ;-)
  11. is actually working.
  12. it's up again. Sorry about these startup problems.
    Both people involved in architecturezone are not at
    work right now and we're not able to actively monitor
    the system. We need to figure out how to start tomcat
    when the machine reboots...(NT right now, we'll migrate
    to linux soon, I promise :-)
  13. We need to figure out how to start tomcat

    when the machine reboots...

    We are also using NT and use a free tool called JSPLauncher ( that allows us to set up an NT service to start/stop tomcat.

  14. Tomcat 3.2 includes an NT/2000 service installation tool, but if you need to stick with an older version there is info in Apache's FAQ-o-matic on getting Apache to auto-start Tomcat like it did with JServ (if you're using Apache...)
  15. is still dead, BTW. Has anyone ever seen this site?