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    Section 3.1.4 of the spec says

    3.1.4 EJB Server Provider
    The EJB Server Provider is a specialist in the area of distributed transaction management, distributed
    objects, and other lower-level system-level services. A typical EJB Server Provider is an OS vendor,
    middleware vendor, or database vendor.
    The current EJB architecture assumes that the EJB Server Provider and the EJB Container Provider
    roles are the same vendor. Therefore, it does not define any interface requirements for the EJB Server

    If the EJB Server Provider and EJB Container Provider were not assumed to be the same vendor , what would typically be the output of the EJB Server Provider's role ?Rather...what would be the main difference between the EJB Server and EJB Container ?

    jeff mutonho

    jeff mutonho
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    Í think the difference i similar to the distinction between the OS kernel calls and for instance the service starting application.

    And the text, states that there has not been any dividing of those two layers.

    But I may be wrong!