Atomikos releases Transactions 2.0 for OLTP


News: Atomikos releases Transactions 2.0 for OLTP

  1. Atomikos releases Transactions 2.0 for OLTP (2 messages)

    Transactions 2.0 is a transaction processing tool for Java enterprise integration projects where distributed data quality and integrity is absolutely essential.

    Major new features in 2.0:

    -Compatibility with many third-party J2EE application servers.
    -Redesigned recovery: resources are now also recovered whenever they are added.
    -Setup has been minimized.
    -Drastic performance optimizations.
    -An internationalized GUI control panel for administration purposes (available in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch).

    And, as before:

    -JTA/XA transactions.
    -Support for non-XA datasources (optional).
    -RMI-IIOP support.
    -Nested transactions.
    -Distributed recovery.
    -Includes FirstSQL Enterprise 2.75 to get you started with JDBC.

    Downloadable from

    More info on

    More info on FirstSQL:
  2. transaction management is a $erious business.
    So, which production system uses your DTC?

    How is it compared with Arjuna with respect to maturity, market share,cost, developer base?
    The fact that your DTC is written in Java is irrelevant since what I am concerned as an application developer is whether you have JTA/JTS interfaces provided.

    Honestly, the measure with which I evaluate a transaction processing system's reliablity is that is it possible that human lifes depend on it.

    times and times again we have earned that, a nontrivial application like a DTC cannot be trusted to work correctly (in all possible senses: algorithmic correctness, performance, scalability,...) unless it has been massively tested(I mean used) in production enviroments
  3. Hi,

    Yes, DTC is $erious business. One of our favorite examples is a major bank in NYC -the financial heart of the US- that is using our soft to process SWIFT payment orders. In production, that is. We also have customers in US national global defense and intelligence, aviation and government.

    The fact that it's Java may not matter to some people, but the important thing is that we have customers who do care.

    It is certainly correct that a DTC is nontrivial and often contains bugs. Interestingly, many people use implementations that don't even work for 50%. Meaning that half of the functionality is not even there, let alone bug free. I wouldn't let my life depend on those...