Sun Releases JDK 1.5 Update 1


News: Sun Releases JDK 1.5 Update 1

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    The Tiger team released a new update to the JDK 1.5. The Release Notes is very brief with a list of bugs fixed in this 1.5.0_1 release.

    Java 5 Release Notes

    Java 5 Download

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    One feature of Java 1.5 is that it comes with auto updater for JVM.
    So if you have 1.5.0, you can go to windows controll panel and find java and click update to get the new version.

    It does not work :-(. I click it, and it does not give me 1.5.1.

    The cost of updateing Java to users is very high, if I have to go to all the users PC's to update.

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    I have tried the same way you mentioned and it doesn't update to the new release. It told me that I already have the latest version.

    Any idea how to upgrade using the auto updater?
  4. The auto updater option connects to to check for a new version. Sun is still distributing java 1.4.2_06 on so all Java 1.5 installations will be considered already updated. Sun is still checking if the current version of java 1.5 is OK for massive deployment, so they are not offering java 1.5.0_01 on All of us who have installed java 1.5 already are serving to massivelly test the current java 1.5 version. When sun updates to java 1.5 then auto update will use new java version.
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    I was told this:
    "Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition 1.4.1_07 is available for download"
    But I already have 1.5 installed, so...
  6. So I manualy install... now I have 1.5 and

    When I go to control panel to tell it to default to for JNLP... it does not allow me to do so.

    I wish Sun would allow some of it's employees to use Windoze more for this kind of deploymnet testing.
    Cost to maintain is important.

  7. Java or Java plugin?[ Go to top ]

    If memory serves the updater is for the Java plugin (the IE extention) not Java itself.

    The plugin then can download a Java version, but does not automatically update if the application being started (applet or web start) does not require so.

    I think...
  8. take some time and explain to this forum, especially when people have such confusions ?

    Is this not in their rader ?

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    I've found problems with 1.5 on Win XP. The Java Applet "bridge" won't work and Webstart doesn't work properly.

    Clicking on a JNLP link brings up a popup warning about the lack of the Java Applet Bridge but hitting "OK" still launches the application. However, you don't get the security or shortcut options during launch.

    Another intesting thing I saw was that the 1.5 installation removes the Java WebStart shortcut from the desktop and you don't have access to it. Removing 1.5 and going back to 1.4.2_06 brings the shortcuts back. Weird

    BTW, it doesn't matter if you do a new install or install over 1.4.2_06.

    Removing 1.5 and rolling back to 1.4.2_06 solves the problem.