SearchBlox J2EE Search Component Version 2.1 released


News: SearchBlox J2EE Search Component Version 2.1 released

  1. SearchBlox is a J2EE Search Component that delivers out-of-the-box search functionality for fast and easy implementation with your websites, applications, intranets and portals. SearchBlox uses the Lucene Search API and incorporates integrated HTTP/HTTPS and File System crawlers, support for various document formats including HTML, Word, PDF, PowerPoint and Excel, support for indexing and searching content in 18 languages and fully customizable search results, all controlled from a browser-based Admin Console.
    Main features in this release:
    - Support for Disk-based search index. Administrators can now choose where the index is held during operations, In-Memory or On-Disk
    - Preset filter: a pre-defined search query that will be automatically added to the enduser's search query
    - Indexing performance and stability improvements
    - Bug fixes

    SearchBlox is available as a Web Archive (WAR) and is deployable on any Servlet 2.3/JSP 1.2 compliant server. SearchBlox Getting-Started Guides are available for the following servers:

    JBoss -
    Jetty -
    JRun -
    Oracle -
    Pramati -
    Resin -
    Sun -
    Tomcat -
    Weblogic -
    Websphere -

    SearchBlox is also available as SearchBlox Server. The Server is an integrated application incorporating everything you need to run SearchBlox. The Server includes SearchBlox J2EE Component, the Jetty Application Server and the Java Runtime Environment(JRE) 1.4. With the SearchBlox Server, there are no additional software requirements to deploy SearchBlox.

    The SearchBlox FREE Edition is available free of charge and can index up to 1000 documents.

    The software can be downloaded from
  2. Hi, I'm getting this error while trying to enter http://localhost:8888/searchblox/admin/main.jsp

    Oops. There has been an error.
    Response has already been committed

    I'm using Oracle9iAS ( Container.

  3. Hi,

    Could you please post this problem on the SearchBlox Forum ( It would be more appropriate to discuss this deployment issue there.


  4. It took me about a weekend to achieve the basic functionality that this product offers using the same building blocks. In other words, get Lucene, get the text extraction components (POI, Text Mining), and apply to your application, or pay for an open-source-based product.
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    Great. Why not package up your efforts and release it on sourceforge? Maybe the community can grow it to cover more functionality.
  6. Check out DocSearcher on sourceforge. It basically links all of these indexing & search components together - there is a web-based search capability, but the index creation and management is via a swing GUI..