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     I am looking for an Open Source WorkFlow Engine which is well documentation and more easier to use in developing workflow based applications in Java.
    Anyone who already tried and using any such workflow engines can share your experiences. Looking forward for replies.
    Thanks a Lot

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  2. The ruleCore reaction rule engine at

    might usable to build workflow functionality. It implements event-driven reaction rules which could be used to track and control workflows by creating rules that react to different kind of event input patterns.

    It is not written in Java but in Python. But it has a XML-RPC event input which could be used to deliver events to it from Java. That might, or might not, be enough for you.

    If you like to extend it with Java it might be possible to run the whole thing under Jython in order to get access to all Java goodies.
  3. OSWorkflow[ Go to top ]

    We used OSWorkflow.

    Initially it was a PIA to use with Spring, an IoC container, but once we got it working, it worked very well.

    Have a look at
  4. Hi,

      Other than OS Workflow any one used any other open source engines like JBPM or Enhydra Shark ?.Can some one refer me to any documentation on comparing these workflow engines?

    Thanks in advance.