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     I'm new to EJB, I have developed a simple stateless session
    bean, but i was not able to deploy that.
     I want to deploy that manually, not using any wizards.
    could anyone suggest the procedure for this. i want the XML format

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    what server you are using if WL
    create .jar file using the ejbc tool.
    put in the path and set in the properties file of WL and restart the weblogicserver.

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    (for weblogic 5.x allmost same for other NEWER AppServers)

    step 1:create one folder named Meta-inf(this will contain two .xml files for deployment)

    step 2:create ejb-jar.xml
    step 3:create weblogic-ejb-jar.xml
    (examples of these files for statefulSB are available in folder ../weblogic/examples/ejb/basic/statefull .you can copy these two files to your folder and make relevent changes)

    step 4:make one jar file which contains your bean class , home interface ,remote interface,meta-inf folder by command
    jar -cvf DoOrDie.jar META-INF *.class

    step 5: now ejbcompile this jar file and you will get the EJB jar file by giving the command
    ejbc DoOrDie.jar FinalEJB.jar

    step 6:put this jar file in ../weblogic/myserver folder

    step 7:append this line in weblogic property file
    step 8:start weblogic now , your ejb should be deployed.