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    I have installed Redhat fedora and tomcat 4.1. The following code in my jsp does NOT work.


    The same program works fine in windows xp.what could be the problem ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Well, there could be many reasons.

    My first step would be to check what permissions Tomcat has in "work" directory (or tmp, etc.) since session entries could be serialized to your disk.

    Do you get any errors in your Tomcat log?
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    I have checked the permissions.It seems ok. but in the log i see a error message, SESSIONS.ser(No such file or directory). I am using tomcat as standalone, I did not installed apache and configured JK2 connector.If i install apache and JK2,will this issue be solved?

    Thanks in advance.
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    SESSIONS.ser contains your serialized session parameters. If it is not found, it probably means it could be created on your machine. One reason is that maybe the current user running Tomcat does not have rights to create files in the work directory. Check the ownership.

    Apache/JK2 aren't relevant to this problem. Your Tomcat, it seems, has a problem saving its session state to the disk.
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    Thanks for your feedback. I am running tomcat as a root user and root has full access to the work directory.

    Thanks in advance