FireStorm/DAO is a Java Code Generator that generates a complete persistence tier based on any of the following Java persistence technologies:
-Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
-Java Data Objects (JDO)
-Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)

FireStorm/DAO 2.4 GA has about 20 new features. The key new features in FireStorm/DAO are:

-Support for Stored Procedures. In addition to exposing tables, views, and custom SQL statements as Data Access Objects, FireStorm/DAO now exposes Stored Procedures as Data Access Objects, unlocking legacy business logic stored in
databases. Initially available for Sybase, Oracle, and SQL Server.

-Interactive SQL Tool that allows database queries to be tested directly from FireStorm/DAO

-Database Schema Migration feature that makes it easier to migrate database schemas between different databases. Any SQL data types from the old database not supported by the new target database are automatically changed to the appropriate supported data types.

A video demonstration is available here:

FireStorm/DAO is available for free evaluation from:


Andy Grove