Workflow engine con:cern 2.0 released


News: Workflow engine con:cern 2.0 released

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    con:cern is a workflow engine based on an extended case handling approach. A process is described as a set of activities with pre- and postconditions. An activity is executed when its preconditions are met. It manipulates the process item, thereby creating postconditions. The process flow is determined at run-time.

    This release features a reimplementation of the controller based on hibernate. The controller can be deployed as an MBean, as a spring component, standalone or as part of a web application. The modeller has been radically improved. The generator can generate various artifacts, including html documentation and unit test templates.

    Along the changes are:

    o based on hibernate
    o jmx integration
    o spring integration
    o temporal conditions
    o optional activities
    o events and listeners

    o cycle analyzer
    o library
    o dynamic attributes
    o improved usability (dnd, ..)

    Check out

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  2. Really interesting. An English version of the 3 first documents (which seems to explain core concepts) would be nice.
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    Improving the documentation and the homepage is (beside ognl integration) the top most item on my todo list.
  4. That's a nice anonuncement, but I can't really understand that first place in the features description is:
    "based on hibernate" but not "written on java" or "done by clever people" or "runns everywhere"? I'l looking for the workflow engine currently and beleve me, if con:concern was based on JDO will makes no sence for me (if I really going to use it as workflow engine)
  5. Earlier versions of the controller were based on entity beans and thus required a j2ee environment. con:cern 2.0's only dependency is hibernate.
  6. There is even a graph "modeller". I'm puzzled.
    and the following


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    This one looks interesting. But doucmentation in English and some tutorials will help.