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News: Spring Time! (Spring 1.2 rc1 released)

  1. Spring Time! (Spring 1.2 rc1 released) (23 messages)

    Spring 1.2 RC1 has been released. The changelog lists the following major features:

    • finer-grained distribution jar files, alongside the full spring.jar
    • AOP Alliance interfaces are now contained in spring-aop.jar and spring.jar
    • XML bean definition improvements ("ref" and "value" shortcut attributes etc)
    • improved AOP TargetSourceCreator mechanism (supporting
      LazyInitTargetSource too)
    • transaction annotation support for JDK 1.5+ (annotation called "Transactional")
    • improved WebLogicJtaTransactionManager (transaction names, isolation levels)
    • SqlRowSet support for JDBC (in conjunction with JdbcTemplate's "queryForRowSet")
    • Hibernate3 support (in orm.hibernate3; Hibernate 2.1 support is still available)
    • JMX support for export of Spring beans as managed resources and for MBean access
    • Commons Attributes and JDK 1.5+ annotations for JMX MBean export
    They also anticipate Spring Web Flow becoming part of the nightly build and distribution later this week.
    This release candidate is already considered stable and recommended for development use. We expect Spring 1.2 final to be released in late April.
    If you're a Spring user, you should probably try this release out. If you're not, do you see any changes in this release to make you look into Spring?


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  2. Pavel Müller[ Go to top ]

    Transactional annotation is perfect. What about the general support for Java 5.0 annotations? It would be helpful especially for Acegi Security.
  3. Pavel Müller[ Go to top ]


    In general, you can expect that any areas that already have annotations support through Commons Attributes to get support for JDK 5.0 annotations. In addition, we are always on the lookout for ways in which we can make users's lives easier, so if you see a specific case where you think annotations would be useful please post it on the developer list.

  4. Pavel Müller[ Go to top ]

    Transactional annotation is perfect. What about the general support for Java 5.0 annotations? It would be helpful especially for Acegi Security.


    I love springtime
  5. ActiveMQ JCA container?[ Go to top ]

    What's the status on the integration with the ActiveMQ JCA container for pooled POJOs consuming JMS messages? I think I heard a couple of months ago that it would quite likely make it into 1.2.

    Looking forward to that feature :)
  6. Spring Time![ Go to top ]

    It's amazing how pragmatic and user-focused this project is. Most of the new features (JMX support, Hibernate3, reorganized JARs, annotations...) are things I expect to use right out of the gate.
  7. Spring Time![ Go to top ]

    Excellent point, Corby, and thanks!

    When I see folks trying to decide "which IoC container should I use? Pico, Spring, Hivemind?" your point about focus almost single handly makes it a no brainer. Technical capabilities, footprint, ease of use, documentation, test coverage, extensibility, integration, support, training, are all important criteria and good selling points for Spring as well, but probably the most important differentiator is our focus: we get as much mileage as we can using Spring to deliver solutions in demanding environments. And we listen to our users who are doing the same thing as we are.

    This makes Spring much more than JUST a IoC container. It's a end-to-end application framework that builds on IoC and gets a heck of a lot of synergy and consistency out of it.

    USE WHAT YOU NEED. Go Spring! :-)
  8. Does anyone have any info on when the Spring Rich Client is going to have an initial release... their page on the site says "this summer with Spring 1.1"... I think they missed the mark.

    I have tried to use it from the CVS but found the lack of documentation a bit much to overcome for my current timeline.

    It seems like a very interesting project and I would like to put it to use when it comes out.

    Any idea of the ETA?
  9. Spring Rich will be at JavaOne this year, alongside core Spring which has 2 sessions! We expect to have a release with reference documentation in alignment with the conference, June ETA.

    I've corrected the oversight on the spring-rcp intro page on the www.springframework.org web-site. Thanks for letting us know about that!

  10. Spring Framework Link is incorrect[ Go to top ]

    The Spring Framework link should point to http://www.springframework.org/

    It doesn't work without the www.
  11. We are fixing the server to assume the www - doesn't hurt to fix the link too :)
  12. Gosh! The link is fixed - that was *my* error, not the original poster's error.

    <grousing>How can people not get the optional prefix stuff right....</grousing>
  13. Will the upcoming wrox book cover 1.2?
  14. Yes it will.
  15. When Professional Spring book will be available?
  16. eclipse plugin?[ Go to top ]

    are you guys already (or considering) releasing an official eclipse plugin as part of their future releases? if yes, that will be really helpful since many people are doing their own spring plugins and smashing their heads against a classloading brick wall (due to their poor understanding of eclipse's plugin classloading architecture) asking to the newsgroups the same issues again and again, repeating the same mistakes of everybody, Spring is helpful an embedded bean container for a rich client app, if we have an official plugin from the source that will be great!.
  17. eclipse plugin?[ Go to top ]

    If I hear you correctly, I think this is a good idea. People are indeed embedding Spring for use within Eclipse RCP app, and I agree it seems everyone is doing it a million different ways. There needs to be 'the way'.

    Spring modules - http://springmodules.dev.java.net - might be a good place to develop such Eclipse RCP integration for now, possibly promoting it to the core project after it has matured.

  18. eclipse plugin?[ Go to top ]

    You heard me pretty well, that will be fantastic!

    Some of the common issues that I've seen are:

    What Spring jars should be included in the plugin? core, everything?

    Where should I put the beans definition file?
    (due the classloader issues, the common solution to this one has been to include it as part of the plugin, which IMO defeats the purpose of re-using their home made Spring plugin in different project that requires a new beans def. file!)

    So, basically we're waiting for you guys to come and show us 'the way' do it.
  19. WebFlow[ Go to top ]

    Congrajulations on the release.
    Eagerly awaiting the Spring WebFlow in main release of Spring. When can we expect that?

  20. WebFlow[ Go to top ]

    Great to see the interest! The Spring Web Flow Preview release for the Spring 1.2 path is available now, here http://opensource.atlassian.com/confluence/spring/display/WEBFLOW/Home. We may have a few more of these to coincide with the 1.2 release candidates, depending on how many new features there are to showcase. The "official" Web Flow final will ship with Spring 1.3.

    Note; however, we consider the Web Flow preview released this week of significant maturity and fit for development use.
  21. documentation updates?[ Go to top ]

    I'm very excited about the JMX support, but cannot find any docs on it - am I looking at the wrong place, or simply too impatient?

    (and thanks for a rock'in framework)
  22. documentation updates?[ Go to top ]


    The JMX documentation is currently on the Wiki - I will be putting the initial draft into the RC2 release.

    You can find the Wiki at: http://opensource.atlassian.com/confluence/spring/homepage.action

  23. Congratulations on the release. I'm really enjoying developing with the Spring Framework (together with Hibernate), so a big "thankyou" to everyone involved with the project.

    In fact the only area of development where I'm not that happy is the Web framework (I'm not talking about Spring specifically, but in general)... However, I'm excited by what I've read about Struts "Shale" so far.

    What is the future for Spring MVC? Is Spring MVC aiming to compete directly with Struts "Shale"?

    If so, are there any articles detailing the future plans for Spring MVC? Or, better still, anything detailing how it will compare technically with Shale?

  24. Spring MVC is a Model 2 framework built directly on the HTTP servlet API. It competes mainly with Struts and WebWork, in terms of focus and capabilities.

    I don't want to speak for Craig or David, but Shale is still in the early days, and will be tightly integrated with Java Server Faces (JSF). I'm not yet clear exactly on its focus now, given that I know they're planning on using Spring Web Flow as the page flow technology for the underlying dialogs/wizard support--the 'dialog' piece of the original Shale proposal (which which we think is great btw, why reinvent the wheel).

    A major benefit of Spring Web Flow is it exists at a higher-level abstraction, so it fits neatly atop a Model 2 MVC framework like Spring MVC or Struts, as well as event-driven component frameworks like JSF or Tapestry. It's also usable in other environments like Portlets.

    Personally, my recommended combo for most apps today is Spring MVC + Spring Web Flow, leveraging Web Flow when I need to force controlled navigations supporting business process workflows that span many HTML pages/requests. I like Spring MVC because of the synergy I get with the rest of Spring, and its a good deal more feature-rich than say Struts. That being said, if I was building a web app that demanded richer UI components I'd certainly evaluate use of Tapestry or JSF, integrated with Web Flow in combination. As Shale matures, it'll be good to see what value it adds and where its use is most appropriate.