I have written a filter that will remove any special characters in the request "Parameters" and then will set the filtered value as a request "Attribute". I have used a HttpServletRequestWrapper in which i have given the implementation for the getParameter() method. The getParameter method of the wrapper class is calling the "getAttribute" method of the original request.

Now my problem is this approach is working for all the modules except the modules that are using struts. The reason being struts is not calling the wrapperClass.getParameter() method. I tried to look into the struts code and found that its using reflection for this . Does anybody know how can i resolve this thing and how to make struts call wrapperclass.getParameter().

Also if I do request.getParameter("abc") in the jsp its returning the correct filtered value but if I print the same value through <bean:write > then its printing the value that is there int request parameter and not the request attribute.