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    The blueprint from sun talks about the "J2EE clients"... What are these J2EE clients? How are these different from a standalone java client application, servlet or a JSP? Where should we use J2EE clients instead of the other client types?



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    Hi Hitesh. Remember that the J2EE is an infrastructure that allows for creation of robust, secure and distrubuted applications. The J2EE consists of and uses a number of powerful technologies and protocols and when Sun talks about a J2EE client, it is more in the sence of a logical concept rather than a specific Java applications, Applets and so on.

    J2EE clients actually means all different kinds of clients that can connect and talk to the J2EE platform.

    Mikael Forslund
    System Architect
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    Actually J2EE Client is one of the many J2EE component. The difference between stand-alone client and J2EE client is that, J2EE client has access to all the J2EE services, and executable (typically a .ear or .car file) resides on the server side. See Sun's J2EE Developer's Guide for more details.