Jamecs is a flexible, powerful Object-based Web Framework, based around a loose interpretation of the MVC pattern. Despite the project's youth, the system already shows great promise in providing a truly enterprise-level open-source CMS with a unified, intuitive API and many advanced features.

The latest release includes a great many new features, and represents the rationalization of a complete architecture rewrite. Thanks to a distributed design, Java's advanced OOP features, and integration with other best-of-breed Open Source systems, under a unified Software Licence (Apache License 2.0).

The project is keen to hear from anyone with an interest, be it with an idea for a feature, suggestion for a change, or more proactive involvement in the project, a key design aim for Jamecs has always been to provide a design led by those who use it. We hope that in the near future Jamecs will be the de-facto option for Enterprise CMS, and by getting involved in this early design stage developers in those environments gain the chance to help shape the system to fit their needs.

You can find out more about Jamecs at http://jamecs.sourceforge.net/ , where you'll find not only downloads but documentation (user and API), forums, mailing lists and more. Feedback can be posted their or emailed directly to us at devel at roscopec0 dot f9 dot co.uk