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    am working with a program where it requires a servlet and am RMI program,when i tried with applet am able to communicate with rmi but when am trying to call RMI thru servlet am getting stub not found...
    i don't know what is the i need to make any changes with the Java web server to over come this..?

    mallik dot p at maliksmail dot com

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  2. have u generated the stub and skeleton classes? if yes then u need to put them in to the server classpath. then i suppose there should not be much problem.
  3. i kept the stub and skeleton file in the servlets folder of the Java Web Server but still am not able to communicate..
  4. try putting the stubs and sketetons in the classpath of JWS but not in the servlet classpath. im not sure but u can try...
  5. Thank you....i got the output it is working fine when i place both the stub and the interface in the classes folder of the web server...