Jayasoft releases Ivy 1.0


News: Jayasoft releases Ivy 1.0

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    Jayasoft has released Ivy 1.0, a free java based dependency manager, with powerful features such as transitive dependencies, ant integration, maven repository compatibility, continuous integration, html reports and more.

    The Ivy CruiseControl Plugin provides continuous integration support, and the Ivy Eclipse UI offers Eclipse users help with writing ivy files. A public repository of common ivy files is also available.

    Professional support is available from Jayasoft.

    Future releases will include:
    • Subversion Dependency Resolver to allow storage of dependencies in subversion.
    • Ivy Eclipse Classpath, to allow use of ivy files as a library repository in Eclipse.
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    Congrats to Xavier and the Jayasoft team!

    Ivy's a great library... I've just gone through and implemented a multi-module build using Ivy for full transitive dependency management and inter-module dependency management during cross-module builds.

    Xavier's been very responsive to user's needs and bug reports and Ivy's really come a long way in just the last few weeks. I hadn't seen the Eclipse plugin... gotta get one of those for IDEA :-) I was just getting my IDEA set up for plugin development to create a plugin to read ivy files to automatically configure the module classpath...
  3. Congrats to Xavier and JayaSoft for putting out such a useful tool in such a short period of time.

    As I mention in a blog entry here, deciding whether to use Ivy or not is for the most part a no-brainer. There are some really benefits for effectively no pain... Any Java developer doing needing to do automated builds of their code should at least download it and try it out.