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    I am doing some performance testing in Weblogic and the results I got weren't as good as I expected. Weblogic ran so slow. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I ran weblogic, oracle and client in three different machines in local network and three of them have the same configuration. I did testing before with oracle and weblogic in the same machine and the performance was higher than this time. The envionment settings are just the same. I don't know what affected weblogic performance this time. Could anyone help me?

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    Could you please explain about the driver(oracle) details.
    Which driver you are using?
    Thin or OCI driver.
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    Hi Ran,

    It's hard to say what is happening in your environment without first gaining visibility and figuring out where the performance bottlenecks are located -- the performance problem may exist in the application server layer, database layer, and/or network layer. Figuring out the database and network layers should be fairly straight forward given that there are well-known tools and techniques avaialble. It's much harder to figure out what's happening in the application / J2EE layer.

    What version of WebLogic you are using?

    Paul Ko
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    use PerformaSure...that might help you
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    try using PerformaSure from Quest software. We use it with our Weblogic environment and find issues with performance tests