WSUnit 1.0, Web Services Testing Tool, released


News: WSUnit 1.0, Web Services Testing Tool, released

  1. WSUnit 1.0, a web service testing tool has been released. It is a tool that can help in automated and manual testing of Web Service consumers. It provides a predictable and repeatable simulation of a Web Service that is ideal for unit and integration testing. It is also useful when developing web service consumers when the actual web service may not be avaliable due to your remote location or may not have been fully developed itself.

    WSUnit is, at it's core, a Java Servlet and comes packaged as an Eclipse Plugin making use of an embedded Tomcat engine. It can also be deployed into any J2EE container to run in a server environment.

    if you're using Eclipse, it's also available as an Eclipse plugin, and can be installed by pointing the Eclipse Update manager to

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  2. 403 Error[ Go to top ]

    You don't have permission to access /wsunit/update/ on this server.

    That was what I got when I accessed the URL you have given.
  3. Update site[ Go to top ]

    That URL is meant for Eclipse, not for your web browser. Eclipse should look for the site.xml file in that directory. But to avoid confusion I have added an index.html explaining that.

    The actual web site is at
  4. Update site[ Go to top ]

    Sorry about that. I realized that only after posting the problem. I was unable to delete the post. Otherwise, I would have.

  5. Invaild URL[ Go to top ]

    The actual web site is at
    The actual actual ;-) web site is at
    And WSUnit 1.0 is in fact a web service MOCKING tool.
  6. misleading name?[ Go to top ]

    This is good stuff, but isn't the name a little misleading? WSUnit allows you to test WS clients by "mocking" a WS, but it doesn't seem to provide any functionality for testing the behaviour of a Web Service itself!? maybe WSMock would be a better name?


  7. What's in a name :)[ Go to top ]

    You're probably right there. While WSMock is closer to what it is, to me anyway, it usually means the stub is in memory. We used to have XML Reflector, but that didn't really convey it's use in testing.
  8. Quick-Start[ Go to top ]

    Just played around a bit with WSUnit. First of all, I have to agree that it should rather be called WSMocking, as this is what it actually does.
    Did anyone try to run the demo-data shipped with the plugin? I keep getting exceptions over exceptions, from NullPointerExceptions to SAXParseExceptions, after configuring the plugin as described with these demo-data. Aside to the lack of documentation/tutorial (I would prefer a quick-stepin online doc rather than using Eclipse-Help), I did not get it run properly - but maybe I will have to do some more look inside.
  9. Quick-Start[ Go to top ]

    Any stack traces would be gratefully accepted over in our forums or issues database.

    You're right about the quick start and it's next on the list of things to do. However the documentation is available straight from CVS and can be viewed ok there. I will pull it out into something more browsable once I write the quick start.
  10. The Documentation[ Go to top ]

    The page
    does not have anything but shows a directory which again do not contain any docs. In fact all the pages in each folder contain nothing useful! the Samples folder is empty!!
  11. Questions[ Go to top ]

    Can WSUnit be used to test web services with callbacks. I have a scenario wherein the client makes an invocation on the web service and expects a callback from the server.

     Can WSUnit support RPC based web service invocations.