GRENOBLE, FRANCE, MAY 9, 2005 - ObjectWeb, the international consortium dedicated to open-source infrastructure software, today announced the membership of four highly innovative French companies specialized in business integration: ADNEOM, EBM WebSourcing, e-Care and EdifiXio. These new members will strengthen the business ecosystem developed around ObjectWeb's open-source middleware suite and complement it with differentiated added-value offers and professional services. "We are excited to welcome these innovative companies as new members of our consortium", said Jean-Pierre Laisné, ObjectWeb Chairman and Linux & Open-Source Strategy Manager with Bull. "We count on their unique expertise in specific business needs such as mobility, collaboration and distribution to enrich ObjectWeb code base." ADNEOM Technologies ( is a fast-growing provider of J2EEbased application integration solutions targeting the banking, financial, public and telecom sectors. ADNEOM Technologies already provides consulting on architecture and development around JOnAS, ObjectWeb s certified J2EE 1.4 application server. "Our strong experience in J2EE allows us to consider infrastructure migrations from Weblogic/Websphere to open-source solutions like JOnAS", said Christian Tufal, Associate Director, ADNEOM Technologies. "As a corporate member of the consortium, ADNEOM Technologies will develop privileged relations with the members of the ObjectWeb community", starting with the JOnAS team. EBM WebSourcing ( is specialized in business integration and J2EE architectures. The company also develops innovative multipartner collaboration solutions based on open-source software. In this context, EBM WebSourcing uses several ObjectWeb projects (Joram, JOnAS) in production and plans to contribute to ObjectWeb's Enterprise Service Bus initiative. Gaël Blondelle, CTO of EBM WebSourcing, said: "We think that ESB is the next big thing for Open-Source and we want to contribute to the emergence of an industrial quality ESB in ObjectWeb that we will use as a basis for our solutions." e-Care ( is specialized in mobile technologies for the enterprise. Its offering encompasses a complete range of tools and libraries that ease the development, deployment and management of nomad applications while increasing their robustness. e-Care will seek complementarities between these tools and existing ObjectWeb projects such as Sync4j, a SyncML compliant synchronization platform. "We see natural complementarities between ObjectWeb commodity middleware and e-Care technologies", said Philippe Delrieu, e-Care CEO. "Through this membership, e-Care will consolidate its experience in mobility while contributing to the emergence of a full open-source stack for nomad applications under the Objectweb umbrella." EdifiXio is a company specialised in the implementation of e-business applications for large industry and retail companies, with offices in France and in the US. The company uses JOnAS for development and deployed some ObjectWeb components such as Speedo and JORAM in production. EdifiXio joins ObjectWeb as part of its strategy to develop business applications based on distributed open-source software. "EdifiXio views the work of the ObjectWeb consortium as essential in the area of middleware. We were impressed by the quality and the robustness of the different components used in our applications," said Thierry Humbert, EdifiXio Partner. "The availability of such commodity technologies gives our engineers the opportunity to concentrate their efforts on the development of added-value business applications." About ObjectWeb Founded in 2002 by Bull, France Telecom and INRIA, ObjectWeb is a consortium of leading companies and research organizations from around the world who have joined forces to produce next generation of Open Source Middleware. ObjectWeb's goal is to provide Real-Time Enterprises with independent solutions which combine quality and robustness at the best possible performance/cost ratio. ObjectWeb targets alternative solutions to proprietary products for ebusiness, EAI, data connectivity, grid computing, and enterprise messaging. Based on Open Standards, ObjectWeb's middleware includes application servers, components, frameworks and tools. Examples of ObjectWeb's "cost killer" middleware are JOnAS - an Open Source implementation of the J2EE specification, JORAM JMS(TM) - a Message Oriented Middleware and Enhydra - a Java/XML Application Server. 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